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free-standing luminaire

Form and function in an innovative union: Office lighting of a piece. A beautiful office series both for direct lighting in the work area and for general lighting. The floor lamp features an unobtrusive light head for accent lighting, the pendant luminaire has a modular design ideal for large conference tables. Both versions offer a uniform design with transparent glass and lateral LED light input for direct/indirect lighting.
Piano - Free-Standing Luminaires
  • Available as TWL (Tunable White Light, 2.700 - 6.500 K) on request.
  • Available as TWPI (Tunable White PI-LED, 2.500 - 7.000 K + color) on request.
Lamp System power Feature Colour temperature Name 
LED Modul 63 W dimmable3000 KPIANO-S 080.0530/DIM
LED Modul 63 W automatic sensor3000 KPIANO-S 080.0530/SENSO
LED Modul 63 W trooping3000 KPIANO-S 080.0530/TROOP
LED Modul 63 W dimmable4000 KPIANO-S 080.0540/DIM
LED Modul 63 W automatic sensor4000 KPIANO-S 080.0540/SENSO
LED Modul 63 W trooping4000 KPIANO-S 080.0540/TROOP
LED Modul 88 W dimmable3000 KPIANO-S 080.0830/DIM
LED Modul 88 W automatic sensor3000 KPIANO-S 080.0830/SENSO
LED Modul 88 W trooping3000 KPIANO-S 080.0830/TROOP
LED Modul 88 W dimmable4000 KPIANO-S 080.0840/DIM
LED Modul 88 W automatic sensor4000 KPIANO-S 080.0840/SENSO
LED Modul 88 W trooping4000 KPIANO-S 080.0840/TROOP




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