Optimum lighting is a complex subject that continues to provide topics for discussion with the new developments and trends. Here, we want to support our clients in their daily work. The LTS Lichtforumhelps participants to gain valuable knowledge on the topic of illumination, which serves as an important support in giving professional advice. All knowledge-based seminars are always aligned with the level of knowledge and the interests of the participants. They take place at the company location in Tettnang and in other locations all over Germany.

LTS Lichtforum for
architects and designers

The main focus of these seminars is answering the question of whether and indeed how good lighting can be defined. The diverse effect of light on spaces and people is illustrated in theoretic terms and with examples from practical application. This opens up new perspectives for the participants to more consciously and sustainably design with light. The lectures conducted in the character of a workshop are recognised as further training by the Chambers of Architects in some German federal states.


We offer the staff of our wholesale partners special seminars focusing on topics from practical experience in the field. The overview of innovations in the industry and the ongoing state of research enables well-informed access into current issues. Useful tips and recommendations for the installation of products and control system technologies are given according to the target group.


Beyond the selection of seminars, we also exclusively prepare any desired topic upon request. We organise individual training on this topic according to the profile of requirements. This serves as further training for staff and can take place on-site at the client’s location.



On 12th June, there was a special LTS seminar in Solingen which attracted the attention of the participants, not only due to the stylish surroundings; with the different themes running through it, Villa Stöcken represents the “future of living”. Experiencing the spaces in the more than 200-year-old former manufacturer’s villa provides developers and architects with inspiration and visionary ideas for their projects. 

On the theme, “Applied lighting - the foundations of new illumination technologies and the effects of lighting on people, space and environments”, 20 participants followed the presentations of our lighting specialists. What does light quality mean? How does light influence our day-to-day life? And how can qualitatively high-grade illumination concepts coexist together with meeting the relevant standards? These and other questions were tackled by the participants in the seminar.

The significance of light quality as a basis for perfect illumination was demonstrated using design examples, as well as the influence of lighting direction, spatial geometry and uniformity on the perception of a space. 

The seminar also covered both the visual and non-visual effect of light. Objects and materials were tested and specifically scrutinised under different light colours and qualities. The reaction from the participants was overwhelmingly positive and has been of significant benefit in daily practice. We are planning to hold more events on this theme.

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